This page contains a listing of most of the photos used in IAbsolute Beginner's Guide to Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.
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Image Catalog


The following is a partial list of images from the book. You can download a file to follow along with the examples in the book, or use them to experiment with the tools in Photoshop Elements 2. Please note that all images on this Web site are copyright to their respective photographers (noted in the Web photo albums).

  • To download files to a Windows computer, right-click on a file link and choose Save Target As from the shortcut menu.
  • If you're using a Mac, hold down the Ctrl key and select Download Link to Disk from the contextual menu.
  • Type a name for the file, and select a location on your hard drive.
  • Click on the Save button to download the file and save it to your hard drive.

Note: most files are jpeg files, however a few files are photoshop files.

View or download full-color photos from the book!

Chapter 5 - File Options Chapter 7 - Color
Chapter 8 - Color Correction Chapter 8 - Tonal Correction
Chapter 9 - Filters and Effects

Chapter 10 -Layers and Layer Styles

Chapter 13 - Composites

Chapter 12 - Repairing Photos

Chapter 14 - Complex Composites

Chapter 11 - Text and Graphics

Chapter 15 - Animation

Chapter 16 - Panoramas

Chapter 17 - Slideshows and Web Galleries

*All images copyright Lisa Lee, 2001-2002. Images are not available for publication without written permission from the photographer.

Please email me if you would like to request permission to publish any of the images posted on this web site.